About Light of the BraveEdit

Light of the Brave is a game concept, and as such nothing wrote here or to be wrote here is set in stone, not the name, not the ideas, nothing, all of this is just ideas and brainstorms. The game is generally to be made as a console game with inspiration drawn from JRPGs such as Final fantasy and Dragon Quest among others.

Two sides of the Story!Edit

When you play one game, you're only getting half the story! What were some of the other characters thinking? What didn't you know was going on behind the scenes while you were saving the world? You'll have to wait and find out!

Rewarding Class System!Edit

Classes have a max level of 50, with each level adding a percent of the classes base stats to any of the classes it is a part of in the future! Also, upon a job level up classes may learn unique skills as well as make their own personal passives available to other classes! Each job and their learned skills are individual to the character that learned it, giving you a great ammount of customizability!

See here for what we have so far!

Latest activityEdit

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